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2019 Year in Review by Linda Lantzy

Landscape photography~ No other activity brings my heart such joy as  experiencing sunrise surrounded by the fragrance of mountain wildflowers, watching a lake steam in the first light of an autumn morning, discovering new locations both near and far and listening to the babbling of a mountain stream, or watching the last of the sunset colors fade into night…

Canada, Alberta, Banff National Park. Herbert Lake at dawn in autumn in the Canadian Rockies.
Idaho, North, Kootenai County, Coeur d’Alene. Sunrise over the countryside south of Coeur d’Alene in Spring.
Badlands at dawn, South Dakota
California, west central, Dawn on the Carrizo Plains National Monument in spring.
Idaho, south central, Custer County, Mackay. The Lost River Range as viewed at dawn in summer from the White Knob Mountains.
Idaho, Southwestern, Boise, May, Prairie. Sunrise in the the Danskin Mountains in spring with the South Fork of the Boise River and spring sunflowers.
Sunrise through Mesa Arch in Utah
Salmon-Challis National Forest in spring
Idaho, North, Kootenai County, Coeur d’Alene, Fernan. A late summer dawn on Fernan Lake.
California, Central, Santa Cruz, Felton. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Falls Creek Unit.
California, west central, Dawn on the Carrizo Plains National Monument in spring.
Alberta, Canada in autumn
Idaho, central, Custer County, Challis. The Lost River Range bathed in morning light with a setting moon in late spring.
Idaho, North, Kootenai County, Hayden. A late summer sunset over Hayden Lake.
Idaho, North, Kootenai County, Hayden. A late summer sunset over Hayden Lake.
Mojave Desert, California
Idaho, south central, Rogerson. Lupine bloom on the desert in spring in the rain and wind.
Idaho, North, Kootenai County, Coeur d’Alene. A mid autumn clearing storm reveals a colorful sunset over lake Coeur d’Alene.
Idaho, South Central, Mountain Home, Bruneau. Sunrise in winter at Bruneau Dunes State Park.
Idaho, Eastern, Ashton, Tetonia. And old barn below the Teton Range in evening light of autumn.
Idaho, east central, Custer County, Challis, Pahsimeroi Valley. An early autumn dawn over the Lemhi Range and farmlands in the Pahsimeroi Valley.

2019 was a year filled with all of these things and more and for that I am thankful.

It is with a significant sadness in my heart that I will embark upon the medical challenges presented to me going forward into 2020, but also with hope that I may continue pursuing these things that fulfill me.

2017 Workshop Line-up

Idaho Scenic Images presents its 2017 photography workshop line-up and online classes. Strategically positioned in stunning locations around the state, and for different lengths of time, you’re sure to find a workshop to fit your needs.

Read about the workshops here

2017 CDA CalendarOnly 2 spots left for my newly announced Palouse “Dayshop”.


There are also 2 spots left on my permit to work in the Sawtooth National Recreation area.

One of these can be a non-lodging spot(discounted), and one full lodging spot, or it would be good for two friends to share a room with two twin beds. (At a discount of course)

_L6A1398_HDRDon’t miss this gorgeous time of year in the Sawtooth Mountains!


In July we’ll head to the often overlooked beauty of Island Park. Situated in the northeastern corner of Idaho, in an ancient caldera and on the edge of Yellowstone.
We have three nights in a large lodge-style house with everyone having their own private room. This will be a smaller group, accommodating only 5 students.

Island Park DaisiesThe “Waterfalls and Wildflowers” workshop is a deluxe, 4 day/3 night extravaganza of beauty and adventure.

In August you can take my online class “Mastering Composition” from the comfort of your own home, and photograph on your own schedule, with assignments to complete each week.

Idaho, North, Bonner County, Coolin. Priest Lake at sunset from Sundance Mountain under a September sky.

In September we’ll be staying in cabins on the shores of Priest Lake, admiring waterfalls and endless mountain views in the heart of the Selkirks.



For peak fall color, join us in the Teton and Swan Valleys of Eastern Idaho. From orange aspen to golden cottonwoods to red mountain maples, not to mention The towering Teton range. This workshop is sure to delight.

And there’s more. Check out the full list here